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Breast Cancer Survivors...

We all know that cancer is a scary word.

We have had two Breast Cancer Survivors who used to be avid kayakers, who gave up ever thinking they would be able to kayak again after their surgeries.

We made a paddle for a lady who was scared to go back and try kayaking again, as she had been using a European paddle.

When the Adanac paddle arrived, her husband showed it to her, and she agreed to give in a try....not promising that she would be able to paddle.

Well....lo and behold...using her new Adanac paddle, and using a low paddle angle, she was once again able to paddle for 3 or 4 hours without hardly any discomfort. (Her surgery, was only 6 months past.)

High paddle angle
High paddle angle - used with a European paddle


Low paddle angle
Low paddle angle - used with a Greenland paddle .

Every time we run into her husband, he thanks us profusely for sending them the paddle.

So ladies....don't ever think your paddling days are over.

Get yourself a greenland kayak paddle, and return to the wild once again.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

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