Note: Grain and colour of wood may differ slightly from pictures below. Each and every board is different. We strive to carry the best quality grains.

We always use quarter-sawn Western Red Cedar 2x6's, 2x8's, 2x10's or 2x12's. The quality of the wood is excellent compared to the 2x4's that are on the market.

Paying more for our boards, is the best start for our paddles.

Paddle tips:

  • White Ash
  • Hard Curly Maple
  • Soft Curly Maple
  • Quilted Maple
  • Red Oak
  • Zebrawood
  • Padauk 
  • Lacewood
  • Lepardwood
  • Wenge

We have tested several kinds of tip material and have decided the domestic and exotic woods listed here are the most durable.


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